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EG-GWP-0102- Diameter 50mm height 40cm 500gms

EG-GWP-0102- Diameter 50mm height 40cm 500gms

Glass Water Pipe (Bongs)


Glass Water Pipe

Water Bongs had always been one of the most popular tools for smoking, unlike dry pipes, water inside the glass bong will provide sufficient cooling and filtration for the smoke generated by the combustion of your favorite buds, smooth and chilled hits is a guarantee when you're using a glass bong, that's why most of us in the cannabis community would always choose a glass bong when it comes to smoking. Water bongs are so common for smoking indoors it's almost like a basic home appliance for all of us. 

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a percolator bong, it's all about the way YOU would like to smoke, a well-crafted glass bong with proper maintenance could last a lifetime! 

  • Made of a durable high-quality glass.  

  • Fills the middle ground between pipes and bongs.

  • Effective means of firing up some weed and getting high.

  • Healthy smoking option.

  • Handmade

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