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We are manufacturers and exporter of all kinds of smoking accessories.
1.      ENGINEERED DESIGN for premium grinding experience2.      aircraft grade aluminum3. &nbs..
A wooden simple rolling/ storage box with engraving and gold metallic lettering. 15 x 10cm..
Animal PipesEcoGrindersThe glass was a material that was only used by the royalties in the ancient times.Exotic animal designs and blowing techniques ..
Glass Water Pipe (Bongs)EcoGrindersGlass Water PipeWater Bongs had always been one of the most popular tools for smoking, unlike dry pipes, water insi..
Glass BubblersEcoGrindersBubblers are portable, single-piece devices that are ultimately water pipes. They allow for smoother hits, and there are many..

Quality Assurance

We believe in quality and follow step below :

All raw materials are checked before production. regular checks at all stages of production checking durability and reliability of
production inspection of goods before final packing.

About Us


Strong Bong is an Indian company based in Mumbai, India. Established in 1999. We are manufacturers and exporter of all kinds of smoking accessories. We mainly work for wholesalers , distributors , smokeshops and growshops from all over the world.


Buyer friendly trade policy: For our wholesale buyers we give one week credit period for them to check the goods and then pay us the charges. For smokeshops , smartshops and growshops we have secured paypal services